Lines on loss

Although a year has now gone by
Since we’ve been apart
The pain and grief of losing you
Is still tearing at my heart

I cry myself to sleep each night
I can’t believe you’re not here with me
I wake to find I’m in the nightmare still
Oh God I wish I could be free –

Free from the love I have for you
Free from the hurt and pain
Free from the horror the future holds
That life will never be the same again

I know this  poem will not help my cause
And that you are wracked with guilt
But I can’t  stop myself from telling you
That I  love you “to the hilt”

And as the divorce moves on stage by stage
And you’re nearer to being free from me
To go and live a life that’s new
I only wish you’d chosen me

But I know you have to want that too
To want to work through the angst and pain
For nothing else would ever do
You  have to want to be with me again