It was VERY theraputic……..

To take 2 bottles of Alex’s specially laid-down wine with me when I went to stay with friends over the weekend.  Actually HIS best friend!!

We raised our glasses to him and thanked him as we drank each bottle!!!

Serves him right for leaving it behind!!

So things learnt:

It is good to go away and do something different.

It is good to keep busy and be away from the house we shared!

It is good to eat more!

It is good to LAUGH!

Welcome to my blog

so here I am – rather down in the dumps, but determined to find a way out.

A way back to living and enjoying being on this planet.

A way to being the me I used to be!

I will take you on my trip.

It will be tough.  It has been tough.  But somehow, someway I must get there.

So if you are willing to wait and read then I will tell you my story.

Not all the dreary, sorry for myself, bits but my trip from my incredibly happy marriage.  My trip back to being single – which I might tell you


But then as I scream at the walls for the umpteenth time


The answer has to be

Why Not.