It’s been a while

I have been silent for the last couple of months.  Not good.  It helps to write and I have been neglecting this.

I have now completed my support course.  Was it helpful?  I don’t know really.  It could have been a great deal better than it was as it sort of lost its way in the middle for about 6 of the 10 weeks!  I felt we lacked direction and purpose for those middle weeks.  Still I did it and it didn’t do any harm!

My divorce progresses – decree nisi is in a couple of weeks time.

Alex and I are going through mediation which I think we are both finding tough and very stressful.

It’s all so ludicrous as we get on so well.  And don’t anyone email me and say perhaps he just wants to be friends!  Not helpful

Actually one thing I have learnt over the last few weeks on the course that most advice is completely useless and un-wanted!  Sorry – that sounds so ungrateful – it’s not meant to be but I have to work this out for myself.  And only I can.

The only advice which is useful is stuff like – eat, sleep, nurture, look after yourself.  All the rest – such as – “move on”, “you will get over this when you meet someone new” , “you’ve got to let go”  and other well meaning observations are of no use at all and just plain irritating.

That is just how I feel.

Now I will end this ramble for now but will post some more very soon!

I live, I care and I love him still.

I am taking life in very, very small steps

I am Acting Happy

I am trying to remove the Stress from every time we meet

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