I’ve renamed my site

As you see I decided today to rename this site!

So it’s bye bye to “I will survive” and hello to the new name!

The end of this title can be found under my aphorisms page!

Today is a tough day.  My decree nisi went through this morning.  Another nail in the coffin of my marriage.  Which I SO  don’t want to end.

I have been delving into various sites to try and retrieve what appears to be the irretrievable!  Well anything is worth a shot and as I still would so prefer (note my new change of language) for this marriage to continue rather than end I am now working on ME and how I can – maybe – have an effect on the outcome.

This does require a fundamental shift in ME and how I now fear I may come across to others.  Not intentionally.  But that’s not the point.   I rather think I don’t listen, I push my own point of view and I don’t like not ‘winning’.  OK I am probably not alone in being like this.  Who doesn’t.

BUT and this is a very big BUT if Alex finds it hard to disagree and has never learnt how to get his view across in an assertive way when needed then I have to do my utmost to meet him at least 1/2 way and maybe even more than that to give him the confidence to grow.

It is absolutely no good at all expecting him or even asking him to change.  I have to offer up the path and he has to choose to take it.  If he chooses not to then I have to accept it. But at least I will have tried.


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