Can marriage survive an affair

This appears to be a question many, many people ask.

I believe it can.  I believe my marriage to Alex was so special that we could come through this a stronger and closer couple.  At the moment this is not something that I have had to look at too closely as Alex is still ‘in the affair’ and  – as far as I know – not looking to come back. And I know this sounds as if I’ve completely ‘lost it’ but I don’t think he is happy and I think – most of the time – he was happy with me.

What I know – without a shadow of doubt – is that no one can be happy with another person until they are happy with themselves.  This is why I am going to Life and Relationship Coaching.

I also know that if we do get back together we have to rebuild the trust and respect we had before , we have to talk through what he has done and what effect it had on both of us and that when that’s all done and dusted then neither of us can  – EVER – bring up his affair, the reasons he did it or any other destructive emotion we both went through during this time.

I see so many couples who have got back together and  then the injured party throws the affair in the other’s face every time there is a row or disagreement.

So to anyone who is asking this question “Can marriage survive an affair”  the answer is yes if you want it to enough but probably not without help and as far as I can see – with my yet to be proven experience – I would say Relationship Coaching – if you find a good one – can certainly assist and help you succeed!


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