What I will never wish or do

In my heart I wouldn’t wish what I have been through over the last 20 months on anyone – not even my worst enemy.  There is one person who – in my head – I could wish it would happen to.  But if I am totally honest with myself  – in my heart – then no.  I have been through something I didn’t think it was possible to live through.  I didn’t know such continuous unrelenting pain could exist.  I didn’t believe I would ever wake and not wish I hadn’t.  So no I don’t wish this on anyone in the entire world.

And one thing I will NEVER EVER DO  – EVER:

I will NEVER do to anyone else’s marriage what that woman did to mine.  I will never embark on a relationship with a married man or a man in a long-term partnership.  Walking in to someone’s marriage and offering a solution to something you cannot possibly know the full history of is totally and utterly out of order.

Couples need to sort out their own problems – on their own.  This may result in a split – which then alters the situation.  But to actively be a part of breaking up a marriage is something I will never sink to.  It is selfish, self-centred and – just plain wrong!

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