Still buzzing!

I seem to be buzzing with energy!  I keep laughing!   It’s scary really.

I think I’ve actually started loving myself again.  It’s a lovely, lovely feeling and one I’d forgotten it was possible to have.

I know I could crash – probably when Alex and I have to meet up to finalise the divorce – that will be tough because it is still sad.  It is still a great waste.  But I don’t want a miserable husband.  I want one who buzzes (in his own way) the way I am buzzing now.

And if he can’t then I don’t want to be dragged down into  something miserable.  Having found my buzz  I am determined to hang on to it.

I am still sleeping well. Not every night but even my new bad nights are a great deal better than the old good ones!

Hopefully the next part of my recovery will be full of fun filled posts…

Fingers crossed for me


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