The long road to happiness

I have drawn  my ‘road’ on several occasions – given to me as exercises when I went to various help groups – and never got very far along it.

I always thought it had to be a long road which I would move slowly along with ups and downs along the way.

Now I believe that getting out of the starting blocks is the long hard bit – once you set off  on the road it can really and honestly quite a short distance from the start to the end –  that point where the future becomes the present.  Yes  a new ‘road’ opens up in front of you but then that is the same type of road that everyone who is happy is on anyway – so you have joined up again with the rest of the human race!

So when you visualize your ‘road’ in your mind – make it short.  Make it swift and make it soar.  Because you may find – as I did – that you can move along it faster than any Olympic athlete and win a gold medal before anyone else is out of the starting blocks!!

I made the mistake of seeing my road as a massive 1000 mile journey of potholes and problems and struggle.  But it wasn’t  – it was really a very short distance once I decided to run it!

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