Moment of horror

I am not in turmoil (as in not sticking to my values turmoil) but clearly there are still issues bouncing round my brain.  And no not in a negative way but more one very important moment of horror.

At my Life Coaching yesterday I suddenly blurted out the name Alex often shortened his name to – which I really hated.  But I reacted in a very strong way.  I have been trying to work out why I hated it so much.  What is the deep down emotion that I am hiding from myself which makes me shudder when I hear that name. (I know I also resisted any attempt by Stephen to make me face what it is – the barrier came up – I just didn’t want to ‘go there’)

And why should I worry as it no longer matters.  It’s the past. But clearly it is praying on my mind.  As I say – not in a tearful miserable way – no real, real horror.  And I keep thinking about it – not all the time but every so often and the emotion is incredibly strong – hence the reason for me writing about it.

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