Girlie chats are good!

And I’d forgeotten how good.  Sometimes the only person you can talk to is a really close friend.  And in my case this had to be another woman.    Which is what I did on Saturday morning.  I had to sort out how I felt and why and get rid of the problem that had been pursuing me towards the end of last week.

Of course I happen to be very lucky as she is  also a psychologist  which really helped.  So I talked and she listened.  And she helped my understand why I felt the way I did.  I feel a great deal happier and calmer now and I am back to a more normal equilibrium!

I also feel I really do need to be kinder on myself.  I have had a really tough 2 weeks.  All I really want now is to just come to terms with everything, quietly and peacefully.  I don’t need any more roller-coasters this week. 

And I did do all the things on my list yesterday – though I should have done more exercises!!

Apparently I have also taken to “saying it how it is”  which several people have noticed at work  – but they say it’s different from before as I am so cheerful they don’t mind  – and I am doing it with humour!

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