Just an observation on WordPress themes

I keep changing the look of this blog as I can’t find a theme I really like!

In my current mood I can’t handle a picture banner or photo banner as any I put on is too reminiscent of my past.  I want one which is colourful and bright but fits the screen resolutions well.

Don’t get me wrong – there are loads to choose from and WordPress is a ‘good place to be’.

I keep changing between “Spectrum” – colourful but I don’t like some aspects of the fonts and I think some screen resolutions don’t work with it – and “Notepad”  which I really like but I would prefer to be able to change the colour scheme as it’s a bit ‘brown’ and I find brown a bit depressing. And I also have a sneaky suspicion it  reminds me of African Explorers which in turn reminds me of my life with Alex as we spent so many of our holidays doing the Independent African Explorer thing – which I loved and adored so much.

Hey ho.  I will just carry on messing about with it.  I’ve clearly got too much time on my hands!!

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