When did I forget I can inspire?

I bumped into  someone a couple of nights ago who I hadn’t seen for 35  years!  He remembered me from the days when we belonged to a social group in one of the local towns.

So I got to reminiscing early this morning when I woke up (4.30am – again)!

35 years ago I’d just returned from living in France.  I joined the social group for something to do.  It wasn’t a very successful social group (in the wrong place and wrong town) – but it was part of a Nationwide network of  about 250 groups – aimed at those in their 20s .

So a couple of us ended  up opening a new one in the adjacent town.  I ran it for the first year of its existence.  During that time it became the first group –  since the start of the  group network (in 1942) –  to win Best New Group and Best Group in the Country simultaneously (and looking at their website this morning – no group has done it since!).  So a huge achievement.  But not something I realised at the time.  I don’t remember feeling I should take the credit.  The credit was down to the entire team and the members.

But I must have an ability to inspire for us to have done what we did.   I know we had a committee which worked tirelessly – in their own time – to promote the group, to inspire the members, to provide  weekly, varied  and interesting entertainment and to meet its annual charity commitment and I suppose it was that which got us the recognition.  I must have done something right as ultimately it fell on my shoulders to ensure we all did what we needed to do.

And we had fun! I don’t think anyone saw it as a chore.  We buzzed with enthusiasm!  We won what ever local competition we entered.  We always had a weekly report in the local newspaper. We had better banners, t-shirts, promotional leaflets than anyone else.  We always set our goals incredibly high.  Nothing was half-hearted or mediocre.

I know we were young and full of energy – which helps enormously – BUT

How come I forgot all this?

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