What did it for me?

Actually 6 feet and 30 seconds Is what did it for me!  And I can tell you now.

I couldn’t before as I had set all my party goers a challenge to answer it as a riddle.  So I had to keep quiet in case they googled it!.  If they find it now it won’t matter.

That’s what changed my outlook on life and has allowed me to sleep.

Amazing that something so simple worked so well.

It might work for you.  I know it wouldn’t have worked for me without going through the other coaching sessions before it.

So what was it:  It was the distance between the miserable future I had created for myself in my mind and the fun, happy future Stephen helped me create in my mind.  And – yes – the time it took for me to decide to walk from one to the other.

And mostly – all I need to do is re-run it in my mind to remind myself that I will be OK.

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