Goals and values


Sometimes you just don’t know what’s round the corner!

Today started badly.  Mainly as I thought today was going to be a really bad day. And so I’d been awake – on and off – from 3.30am! So lots of tears.

Well!  It’s nice to be wrong.  Actually it’s great to be wrong!

Today’s Life Coaching session was good. In fact very good.  My weekly injection of help has been really helpful!

I left feeling more focused than I have for several weeks.  I now have some tools to help me focus on  pleasure rather than  pain  – on my fun filled future rather than my rather ‘iffy’ past – which does only inflict pain!

And I have at last voiced my idea for a new future for myself – which until now seemed such a pipe-dream as to be too silly to actually speak out loud.

And so to what I thought was going to be the tough part of my day:  The last mediation meeting for my divorce

And Wow!  It went like a dream  – I shone!  I shot through it all on a high.  I smiled, I was cheerful, happy and helpful.   And I got the settlement I wanted and deserved!

Ha!  High Five!  I’m euphoric!!

Values, Focus and Goals  – That’s the way to do it Grommit!!!

I’m now off out to dinner!

Enjoy your evening everyone!  I certainly am going to!


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