Retaliation against the nightmares

I’ve decided to retaliate!  Not against the world but against the part of my mind which is allowing these bad dreams and nightmares!

As I drove to work this morning I reminded myself of my father’s favourite saying:

“Enjoy the Journey”.  He was so right.  I had stopped enjoying my journey – not just to work – but every day in everything I do.  So I really concentrated on that!  Good thoughts.  Good result.

I then decided to think of more goals to brighten my future even more.

So I have my ‘business goal’ which is a good one.

New goals:  And don’t laugh:

I want to learn to sing (really well  – and not flat as I think I do now!!)

I want to see if I can sell the story I wrote a few years ago – and no I am not going to publish it here – I’d be banned by the internet (now that’s got you wondering, hasn’t it, dear reader!)

I want to learn more about public speaking.  To overcome my fear of standing up and speaking to people.

I want to learn to play the piano (My father was a concert pianist!  Which is a hard act to follow – but I would love to be able to read music and just play a bit – and I do now own 2 pianos!)

So go away nasty dreams which are trying to pull me back to my past.  I intend to win this battle!

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