Families – a rant!!

What is it about my “darling”  sibling that makes him behave as if his main job in life is to undermine me and treat me as if I am an unfortunate pain who is generally in the way and a problem and has to be reminded of her place in life (which appears to be somewhere near the bottom of the heap)!

Grrrr!  Anyway despite feeling incredibly got at I am not going to let him get under my skin for long this time.  I am focusing on my values.

It would be quite nice though if he could treat me how he expects to be treated himself!!  If ever there was someone who would benefit from Life Coaching it’s him!

He must be very insecure to feel he has to behave the way he does.  And he has a  mean streak!  He’s behaving as if he would quite like it if I moved into a cardboard box in an alley way – so it wouldn’t cost anything.  I know that’s an exaggeration – but it does rather feel like that!!

I am well aware – dear reader – that this all is very confusing to you.  So let me explain.

Currently I live in a flat (owned by me) which is part of my late father’s house.  My 2 siblings and I have agreed I will move out  and rent – so all the renovation work can be done as cheaply as possible so we maximise the profit all round when we sell the entire property.  So my rent is going to be split 3 ways so we all bear the cost as we will all benefit from the savings.   Hence the issue of how much I am going to need for rent!!

Now originally my older brother hoped I would bear the cost of rent on my own.  And at that point he was suggesting rents way above the one I have just been offered.  But it’s a different story now.  Oh yes!

And as for what he has  just said over my divorce.  Well it’s clear that’s  just another irritating inconvenience to him.   I could wring his bloody neck!!!

Anyway I didn’t!!  I didn’t even get cross!  I just mentally shrugged my shoulders and left.

Hence the rant!   I just needed to get this off my chest so to speak!!

I feel better now!!

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