Sleep – but please not the dreams

So that wasn’t the overwhelming success I’d hoped for!

It’s not that I didn’t sleep – I did – until 3.00am. Then I kept drifting in and out of sleep until 6.30.

I don’t feel as if I’ve had a good night’s sleep at all!  Oh well at least it’s the weekend.

I just wish I could conquer and stop whatever it is that’s waking me up.

Last night’s dreams were confused.  I felt lost, strange and uncomfortable.  I dreamt of being very lost in a strange land – the landscape was a bit like something out of Myst (for those who have played the computer game)  with lots of difficult roads to navigate and cars stopping my progress.   And in all this I was going to  Life Coaching sessions in strange locations – watched by people  – who I either do or don’t know – who kept interrupting  and adding their views.  And then there was Alex lurking in the background.   I felt intimidated.

So I awoke feeling lost, scared, confused,  headachy (again), rather low and tired.

I wish my mind would leave me alone!   OK I know my mind is part of me and so can’t – but there appears to be a fight going on  and it’s stopping me getting the sleep I so need and crave.

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