I’m feeling very irritable!

I’m feeling very irritable!  And tetchy!  Which is rare for me but it’s been developing all day.

And now what I’d really like to do is pick an argument with someone!

Maybe it’s because I am not getting what I want!  I feel really childish and bad tempered and cross.

Interesting how I am noticing these changes in myself now though and querying each one that bubbles to the surface.  I never used to do this – if I felt cross I used to accept I felt cross.  Now I find myself hunting for inner reasons!

I want to cry with frustration at  life in general and my failed marriage in particular.   I imagine this is all linked with tomorrow.

So I hope no-one crosses me for the rest of today!  It won’t be good news.

And if one more person says to me:  “After this weekend you can move on”  –  I am likely to thump them!  I am feeling VERY TETCHY

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