This is bizarre! (updated)

Here I am sitting on our sofa either typing away on this blog or running an email exchange with my life coach whilst Alex and a removal man are walking to and fro in front of me removing items of furniture!

This would make a very good film.  It has a level of comedy  in it which isn’t lost on me!  Alex, of course, doesn’t know who I am emailing or about this blog, and I’m not telling him!

I think I am safe here as he’s not having the sofa! In fact, to be fair, he’s hardly taking any furniture at all!

And we have been talking a lot more today. He is, though, being a lot more guarded today – in some ways, and more open in others.  We seem to be talking in a much more open way about some subjects.

I feel I should be giving you all a running commentary of what’s going on.  The futon has just gone out!  And 2 chairs and a desk!

I am writing this – like this – to make me laugh!  As I have to have some form of defence mechanism to protect myself from all this. And laughter and seeing the funny side of this seems to work for me.  Well it’s better than crying. And yes I do know that most of it is deadly serious – but maybe I can’t quite cope with that just now.

Do I appear shallow?  That’s your problem if that’s how I come across today. Anyone reading this blog in detail will know that there is nothing trivial about what I’ve been through.

And I don’t care what Alex says – he doesn’t want to let go.  On his own admission he can’t give me answers to lots of things.  He says he can’t face dealing with anything else until he’s sorted out all the stuff he’s taken today.

So we still have the bills to resolve.

Confusion reigns on so many levels.

Values and Rules …….. I could go on and on.

I wonder if other couples have all these issues when they break up or whether we have managed to reach a hitherto unimaginable level of confusion and complication!

Well at least this blog isn’t dull!  It’s even having a moment’s respite from being tedious and repetitive!

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