Well I may find it difficult to apply what I have been learning in my private life but I took work by surprise this morning!

Why?  Because I have been feeling increasingly sidelined over the last year or so.  So I set myself a couple of goals last night.  Goals to make me feel more responsible for the areas I am – actually – in charge of and responsible for!

First off – I requested  a meeting with all interested parties on the programming project I am supposed to be coding, which has far too many people putting their awe in – all with their own agenda!  So they have been issued with an all-encompassing agenda!  Items on it include: What is the actual Goal of this Project.  And how will we know when we have achieved it.

I have been met with meak acceptance to the meeting and a stunned silence!

So I have wrested back control of the project which is what I wanted!

I have also asked and then almost demanded  to be allowed to speak at our next company meeting on the Security  issues, rather than let our CEO do it (who won’t have a clue what he’s talking about!).  And I have won that one as well!

Hello world of work!  This is much better!

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