It’s all about getting one’s ducks in a row!

That’s how I see my mind at the moment.

I have all these brain cells whizzing around wanting to give  – or fighting against giving – me what I want.

It’s the fight between focusing on pain or pleasure

So there’s a line:


And the art of focusing on Pleasure is to have all my ‘little ducks’ all swimming in the correct direction.  Like this:

But a lot of the time – I have trouble in controlling all the ducks and half of them swim off in the wrong direction.  Like this:

And sometimes they even do this:

Meanwhile Alex’s ‘little ducks’ as far as I can tell are currently doing this:

They’re all over the place! The result is he doesn’t know what he wants, who he wants to be and where he wants to go.

So controlling one’s ducks is very, very important!

And maybe that’s what Life Coaching is all about.  It’s getting one’s ducks all swimming in the right direction!!  Permanently!

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