My last comment on ducks (well for today!)

Actually that IS what Life Coaching is all about (well it is for me – today).  It’s shooting the ducks which are swimming towards pain and focusing on the pleasure ducks.  That way the future is fun and great and what I want mine to be.

So with that in mind I went through the final sort out of Dad’s house and the divvying up of his books, records and CDs with my 2 brothers in a spirit of pleasure rather than angst!

It went well.  I even watched with wry amusement as my older brother insisted that anything he thought  I wanted went to my younger brother!  Fascinating!  I spotted this fairly early on so promptly took a great disinterest in anything I liked – thus ensuring I got it!!  So I got all the records – which was great. And several of the more valuable books!!

I only failed on an item of furniture which I really did want (and had said so several days ago).  So, naturally,  my older brother was adamant it went to my other brother!!

Clearly he has never got over me appearing in his world when he was just over 2 years old!!

Still – today my ducks are swimming in the right direction and I am feeling positive as a result!

And it was today a year ago we had over 250 people to Dad’s funeral.  Which was a real celebration of his wonderful life (all 100 years of it). Which he lived to the full to the day he died.  So with that in mind I must focus on his mantra of “Enjoy the Journey”.  He never looked back.  So in memory of him, today, I must do my best to emulate him.

And I have found a lovely place to live.  In the middle of the village where I live at the moment, and it has a small garden and space and as it’s unfurnished I can take lots of my stuff with me which will be so much nicer.  So now I know where I am going to be for the next few months I feel at lot less stressed.

4 thoughts on “My last comment on ducks (well for today!)

  1. I lost my mother several years ago (six might be a bit more accurate). Looking back it surprises me how fully grown adults can revert back to pre-adolescent siblings as they sort through the remains of a parents life. Maybe it’s the emotions and unresolved garbage that comes to the surface that makes us behave so maturely.

    Stumbled upon your blog while chasing a tag I had used on mine. Found the content familiar and from the heart. Hope the holidays treat you well. A.J. a circumstantial follower.

    • One’s siblings can be difficult at times like this! It amazes me how such normally adult people can behave so childishly!
      Thank you for your comment. Hope you have a good holiday too. xx

  2. Hey I’m back, spent some time reading through the post on your site. Not a stalker I promise. I don’t have a source of reference for what your going through, but I do have an ear so to speak.
    In one way I’m so sorry that you and Alex couldn’t work things out, but after reading through your posts you should be so proud that you have the strength to rediscover the Caroline inside. I find it sad that there are not more people leaving comments to you, maybe they just don’t know what to say, without sounding artificial.
    If it’s okay I’ll stop in from time to time and see what’s up, give you that virtual hug you might need once in a while, or a simple thumbs up. I’m listening. AJ>

    • Thank you so much. And thank you for the virtual hug. Just what I need right now. I’ve started going through the cupboards as I’m moving in 4 weeks time. It is so tough finding things and remembering why we bought them. So thank you for your positive vibes!!

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