Focus, focus, focus…

But it is SO SO tough to do so.

“Look forwards not backwards”

“The situation you are in, is the situation you are in”

And shouting at the walls: “But I don’t want to be in this situation” and “My life wasn’t supposed to be like this”   isn’t going to make it go away.

It is what it is.  And those that succeed do look forwards and concentrate on their future – not their past.

So why can’t I?

Interrupted sleep sure as hell doesn’t help.

And also I really do need to stop this fascination with my email account and watching this blog to see how many hits I get per day!!  (BTW I got 115 yesterday which was something of a record!).

I’ve got masses of things I need to do and sitting glaring at the sorting out isn’t going to have any effect on it whatsoever!!

And despite what I keep telling everyone.  If Alex did say he wanted to come back I have a shrewd suspicion I would still be quite happy to consider that as a really good option.

I suppose it is a small step that I wouldn’t accept him without a massive amount of assurance that he genuinely meant it. And I would want us to get Relationship Coaching help.

Enough of this musing – I shall get going, go to work.  Enjoy my morning.  I have the afternoon off so I can join lots of the other locals in a protest against our local Council’s plans to concrete over a section of greenbelt land!

But today I really do feel I am the most reluctant divorcee on the planet!

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