Divorce papers are not festive

Somehow being bombarded by legal paperwork from the Mediation Service regarding the divorce doesn’t actually put me in a very festive mood.  Not that I was feeling very festive before.

I’m certainly not now!

I know these things have to be done.  And I have to face it all sooner or later. It’s grim though.  Seeing it all laid out in black and white. Especially the bit saying:  “Alex has a new partner” – is not conducive to a happy state of mind!

I really do need a virtual hug just now.

Thank goodness I’m going out this evening on a pub crawl and curry supper with a couple of friends.  See that’s two evenings in a row – so I am doing better!

Maybe I’ll wear myself out in the end – and then I’ll sleep better!

(Update:  And it would help if they got the information correct – rather than totally wrong! – So now I have to get them to change the documentation! – BOTHER!)

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