If nothing else….

Well if nothing else what happened yesterday has given me something else to think about.

And right now it’s rather all consuming.  I’ve just taken nearly 2 hours to get home from work but I can’t say I noticed.  I can’t tell you what was playing on my CD player.  I didn’t even notice the traffic!  My mind was totally focused on other things.

Is this haunting me?  Yes – to a certain extent at the moment.

But I’ve decided to let it for the time being.  I think it has to.  Now the genie is out of the bottle – I have to let it live for a while.  Clearly it matters much more than I ever realised.

And I am NOT A VICTIM by the way!   Never do I want to be thought of as that.

Far worse things happen to other people.  So a sense of perspective is paramount.  I am not going to turn this into a catastrophe by making it worse than it was.  Even though it was a bad thing that happened.

I just need time to come to terms with everything.

What I’d really like now is a comforting hug!  But as it is I’m about to go out into the snow on a charity pub crawl evening.

Madness!!!  But I think it’s better to be out than staying in with my jumbled thoughts tonight.


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