A better Sunday – lonely but better

I spent nearly 3 hours outside in the garden trying to photograph red kites feeding.  Of course as soon as I gave up and went inside they all swooped in for the food I’d put out!

I did go out and about and in fact bumped into a friend whose husband has just done to her what mine did to me.  So we had an uplifting chat and wished each other a Christmas – carefully leaving out the word Happy!

I could have done without hearing the track on the Radio – “I’ll be lonely this Christmas without you to hold…..”  – but that’s the way life goes!!  Perhaps I should write new lyrics to it!

“I’ll be happy this Christmas – now that you’ve gone
I’ll be happy this Christmas – from today and now on!”

Works for me!!

Still got my demon to destroy though.  Which has been haunting me rather a lot today.

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