Is it me!!!

When Alex cleared out the last of his personal belongings the other day he took with him a couple of boxes of Christmas cards. Cards which we had had specially printed of a  picture which he had painted.

We used these cards over a couple of years but there were still quite a few left.

Today I received a Christmas card from Alex.  Wishing me a peaceful Christmas and signed “Alex”

And Yes –  you’ve guessed it – the same card!

Is it me??!!!  Would you have done that, dear reader?

I don’t think so!!

Fortunately I can see the funny side of it!




2 thoughts on “Is it me!!!

  1. That’s worse than re-gifting a box of half eaten Valentine chocolates!!!

    Might I suggest taking the carton of melted ice cream from the friggin fridge, find your most festive holiday wrapping paper, a nice big red bow, and do it up nice. Then place it on what’s his names door step, ring the bell and run like Hell. I don’t think a card would be necessary.

    Now that would be funny!
    Some times being a little twisted can get ones mind straightened right out.
    Positively twisted thoughts your way! AJ

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