Kicking the fridge almost worked!

Well not actually kicking it but giving it a good shake!! Which is what I did.  The motor suddenly sprung into life after 24 hours of refusing to do anything! But sadly it didn’t last.  Just when I thought I’d solved it – it packed up again. Clearly a thermostat problem then! Fortunately it’s so cold in my kitchen I can survive without it for most things!  And I do have the back-up downstairs!

And I’ve been out and bought 50 kgs of coal which I have brought back and lugged into the coal bunker – so I can keep warm in my sitting room and preserve my heating oil if I have to.  This dealing with life on one’s own is a full-time business when it’s cold!!  Still it keeps me busy.  Even though I’m supposed to be working from home today!  Which I have been between all the other issues!

And no life coaching today as it was cancelled.  So dealing with my past is delayed until next week.

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