Life in a poetic moment

The age we are is the age we are
It’s our outlook where we decide

And the age I am is the age I am
And I still  feel 35 inside.

The life we lead is the life we lead
It’s how we behave that really shows

And the life I’ve got is the life I’ve got
But I want one that truly grows.

The past we have is the past we have
It shapes us for tomorrow

And the past I have is the past I have
Filled with happiness, joy and sorrow.

The Today we have is the Today we have
It’s ours to use and not to waste

And my Today is mine –  as it always is
It’s how I use it that matters most.

The Future we see is the Future we see
To create and build and draw

And the future for me is still unclear
But that’s what the future’s for!

For we cannot see what we cannot see
We don’t know what tomorrow brings

And I can’t see what I can’t see
But I hope my tomorrow sings!!

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