Revenge just might be ice cream!

And you’ll have to read yesterday’s “Is it me” post’s comments to understand this fully!

The suggestion is brilliant and carries even more humour than AJ realises, as all the ice cream is homemade – made by Alex a few years ago!  So the poetic justice of returning it to him unfrozen is indeed revenge in its sweetest form! 

And don’t they say revenge is a dish best served cold!!

One thought on “Revenge just might be ice cream!

  1. PERFECT! Sweetheart, I’d say you’re on the road to a full recovery.

    However I’m not so sure your life coach would be in our corner.

    P.S. We only kidding about this, right? I would hate the next post to be titled “How I spent my Christmas in lockup.” 😉

    Positive (all be it somewhat twisted) thoughts to you. Take Care AJ

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