Another poetic moment

Sorry – This sounds a bit miserable – it wasn’t supposed to!!
With a bit of luck I will snap out of this reflective mood shortly!!  It’s lasted over a week which I know is a bit much!! Perhaps I just need to get it out of my system!

They turned and looked at their father
As he lay dying on his hospital bed
The sorrow they felt inside them
Was for words they’d left unsaid.
Had they told him each day that they loved him?
Had they shown kindness in its purest form?
As the day they had never expected
Had finally come to dawn.

For we don’t know what a day will bring us
How our lives might change that day.
It could start just like any other
in a normal and peaceful way.
But life is really so transient
We are here  for but a moment in time
So to live life to the full is important
And to give love to others an action – sublime.

And as we reflect on our deeds this Christmas
Those deeds which we committed last year
Did we do them with love and compassion?
Or from a position of hatred or fear?
So live each day with purpose and meaning.
Give out joy –  not misery or strife.
Make each day count and don’t waste it
Have no regrets on how you conducted your life.

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