I’ve begun the clearing out….

I finally realised I couldn’t put it off any longer and I started in the loft room.

This is NOT conducive to happiness.  Emotionally it’s a killer.  But do it I’ve got to.  There is no other option.  So I’m steadily working through our past and throwing it away – either to the bins or to the charity shops.  I’ve tried making light of it but that’s not working.

Some people said I would find it very therapeutic and liberating – well I’m not!  Sorry!!  I’m finding it very tear jerking, heart wrenching and difficult.

I’ve allocated a day per room – but some rooms may take me longer – and some, hopefully, less – but I have 7 rooms to do –  so goodness knows what state I’m going to be in by the end of this coming week!!  I hope I’ll have got used to it and have cheered up!!!   Either that or the next few posts will be soaking wet! So you may all need umbrellas, waders and raincoats – just to read them!!

2 thoughts on “I’ve begun the clearing out….

  1. I call it despousing the house. Processing their stuff hurts. For me the worst was cleaning off the computer and finding all the affectionate notes he used to write…

    In terms of Despousing, the better part is when you decide to own the room. Buy some paint or something. Something very you and not very him. Swap things out at second hand shops. I am doing this too, but very slowly, and at a pace I can handle.

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion. For me it’s a double whammy as the house I am in at the moment was jointly owned by my parents (in fact I was born here!). And now they’re both no longer alive we are selling up. So I move out in 3 weeks time. So the pace is fixed – I have to do it all by then so the pressure is on!!

      I haven’t even attempted the PCs – far too much to deal with.

      I wish you all the luck with your “Despousing” and hope you too come through and out into the sunshine.

      Good luck

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