Most of this is like a bad dream!

This is a Raincoat and Umbrella Post! (Updated)

I keep wishing all this will be like Dallas or Dynasty (I didn’t really watch either so I’m not sure which!) and I’ll wake up and find it was a bad dream.  Except there’s quite a lot of the last 22 months I’d like to keep!!

Shame life’s not like that!!

So back to reality: I’ve completed the loft clearance and cried masses –  and thrown away loads of things.  God knows what state I’m going to be in by Friday if this carries on.

My great friend has been keeping in touch and has insisted I take breaks and go round to her house for cheering sustenance!!

And I’ve been playing my Flanders and Swan CDs – The Bestiary is a good morale booster – or should be!

Crying is not a good look!!  At least not in my case!!

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