Small things are making me weep!

A case of bother – or – actually – much stronger words than that!  A receipt from a campsite and a map of Botswana set me off today – I wept and wept!!

Good grief I am pathetic!

Anyway I soldiered on and have now all but completed 3 rooms. And I have given away nearly all the alcohol which was stacked up in 3 large wine-racks.  All those half-full bottles of spirits and those strange bottles which people bring back from places they visit and which usually taste like cough mixture!  Plus all the bottles of champagne and white wine I seem to have – which I don’t drink.  So the whole lot (about 50 bottles) went to my great friend and her family.  Her son is having a cocktail party tonight  at his new house and I appear to have  now supplied about 98% of the spirits!  Well I am pleased.  She has done so much for me these last 22 months.


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