And so it came to pass (updated)

And it came to pass that on the 5th day of Christmas (and the 4th of clearing) Caroline awoke after a night of very troubled sleep (and a great deal of very troubled awake!!)  and glared at the sorting out.

Today it is that House Clearance descend on the part which belonged to her father.  And they will clear everything which isn’t labelled – but she is ready!  Everything IS labelled.

And she reminded herself that she doesn’t have to pack.  The movers will be doing that for her in 2 weeks time.  All she needs to do is label what is going with her, what is going to store and just bin everything else.  SIMPLES! (for those who don’t understand this word you will need to Google it -the S at the end is important!)

I would like to conclude that I haven’t yet managed to skip and hop around waving a marker pen and brandishing the labels.  But I just might try that as a tactic!

Actually all I really want to do is sit down and shout:

“I don’t want to play anymore!  Can I stop doing this now?!”


A good example of your mind giving you what you want!  I went to my physio/acupuncture session – and truthfully gave up after that!

I even resorted to cleaning the car!!!

Then when I thought I was cornered and there was no escape,  my great friend rang up and “dragged” me off shopping as she felt I needed a break!!  So that’s taken care of the afternoon and I’m going to dinner at her house tonight so that’s sorted out the rest of today!

Note to self: It’s still got to be done Caroline ……….  And sitting down playing with the background to this blog and trying out different colours is not helping!

One thought on “And so it came to pass (updated)

  1. I’ve always found that attaching sticky notes to things is another good way to avoid doing that which needs done.
    Eventually you’ll run out of those and may actually have to attack the pile.
    AJ 😉

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