As the song says..

There are more questions than answers.

And that’s how I feel just now.

I probably went back to sleep around 4.00 – I think.  I then woke at 6.40 when my alarm went off – which I didn’t need this morning and went straight back to sleep until 8.00.  So I’ve had quite a bit of sleep.

I just don’t feel I’ve had!

I still feel lost.

I’ve got this far so onward and upward!

Today is the last day of 2010.  I’d hoped to be ‘further on’ by the end of this year.

I wanted to be buzzing by now!  Perhaps I will.  It’s up to me to do so!!

Please will someone close off the mine shaft to my Chilean Mine so there is no route back.  So my options are removed.  And I don’t want ground level to be all icy so I slide about!

I want a solid launch pad and a clear sky ahead.

2 thoughts on “As the song says..

  1. Sadly you are the one that needs reroute that path to your past. I would never imply that you hide it, or deny it ever happened, but to move down the new road you have chosen leaving that ugly stuff behind.
    Caroline I wish there was some magic antidote that they could prescribe that would make the all the hurt and loneliness disappear. We all need to be loved and have some one to love, but rushing forward to fill that void before we’re healed, puts us at risk of making poor choices. You need to be secure with who you are and what you want in life. I can tell from reading the thoughts and experiences that you share; that when you are ready to engage in the kind of relationship that could lead to intimacy, that person will be so blessed. You seem to be a generous and caring person, mix that in with a little passion and girl, look out!

    One of my New Years wishes is made for you.That you move forward to that place where you find that what you need and desire. Love.

    Take care dear, I hope you have a Good New Years Day, try to get out there and live a little, put some distance between you and that mine shaft. AJ

    • Bless you for your lovely comments and for taking time to say it all. I am determined 2011 will be my year! I have lots of goals for next year – I just need to believe in them and myself and make them happen.

      I’d hoped to have done the bulk of the clearing out by the end of today but there’s far more than I realised so I shall be doing more over this weekend. My own fault really – I keep having too many breaks!!

      I am off to a party tonight and I intend to have fun!

      I hope you have a lovely evening this evening and a wonderful New Year’s Day to you and your family. Caroline.

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