So this is My dream future – where anything is possible:

To run my own business.

My  business will be a help centre which will provide a very safe haven for different types of therapy for people:

Life and Relationship Coaching
divorce support groups
Alexander Technique
Practical help for people on lots of issues

It should also be a drop-in centre too.  Lots of free parking.  And maybe a coffee/tea shop as well  with books and magazines and newspapers – but I don’t want it all sandals and hippy!!  And no scented candles – I so hate scented candles!

Where I live

In a lovely house with at least 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.  A study.  A sewing room.  A dining room. Sitting room and kitchen.  A garage.  Not modern.  Fairly old  so it has character but in good repair.  With a  garden where I can sit out but also grow vegetables and room enough to put food down for the kites so they swoop in to feed – then I can photograph them.


New look me.  Slim legs.  I stand up straight.  I am funny and  am having fun and buzzing.  Interesting to talk to.  I listen.  I make people laugh.  I am confident.  Self assured. Significant.  Loved.  People gravitate towards me.

New clothes.  New look.  So I look well dressed but in a good way – not starchy.  Trendy.

My new man:

Someone who is tall, slim, not too old – a few years either side of my age is fine.  Who is solid and trustworthy, reliable, funny, teases me, cares for me.  Wants to look after me.  Won’t let me down.  Will love me. Passionate – very passionate –  but very understanding.  Will help me deal with my ‘freezing problem’ .  Will help me talk it through, who I can tell it all to,  and be so focused on me I won’t feel  tongue tied – I really want to be able to say and do anything  and so I will relax and allow myself to abandon myself in the moment, to give myself totally – all the time!

I will be loved.  Really loved.  Unconditionally loved.  Hugged loads.

But for now I want to be asked out by lots of men. AND THEY CAN ALL PAY!  I want to be sent flowers.  Lots of flowers.

People ring me up just ‘cos I am fun to talk to.  I’m wooed.


I want to go on holiday.  I want buckets of money so I can go on lots of holidays.

I want someone who wants to drive into deserts and look at the emptiness and wonder at it.  I love the isolation of remote places.

When I’m not working:

I become a brilliant photographer and win prizes

I am the best actress in the am drams

I become a good glider pilot

I own a lovely glider

My novel is published and is a great success and is turned into a film – this gets me lots of kudos

My blog is THE BLOG OF THE YEAR.  I get loads of hits a day and everyone is talking about it.  It’s used by life coaches and psychologists as an example of how to get over a heartbreak.  I want it to be better than “Eat Pray Love”.


And this is only the start

There will be more to come as I add to this!

2 thoughts on “This is MY DREAM FUTURE!

  1. Clearing the slate, dare I say I envy you on your second chance. Don’t hesitate waiting for that perfect moment, start now a little at a time.
    I can read the excitement in your words, the anticipation, at new discoveries. The right person will be patient, compelled to hold you close, and show you the overwhelming pleasures of intimacy. He will be such a lucky man, experiencing, and exploring feeling with you that once felt wrong, sharing their transformation with you, into cherished moments of passion.
    May 2011 be the year you step out of seclusion, into your new happier life.

    • As usual AJ you say such lovely things. I’ve shed a few tears over them – in a nice way! Thank you. And I really do mean that.

      It’s now 25 minutes into 2011 and I’ve left the dinner party I was invited to at our local pub. I stuck it out until midnight then left. I’m always amazed that my girlfriend – who is this most fun loving, bouncy lady – always invites such staid people to surround her. Her husband isn’t – he’s great fun and amusing – but the other 4 people were what I’d call ‘hard work’ (well the other 2 women were)! But I made the most of it and enjoyed myself – and then ran for cover just after the clock struck 12!!!

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