Enough is enough! (and more musings)

Enough is enough – as in holding on to my past and thinking of nothing else which is what my life coach emailed me about yesterday.  And, as usual, he is quite right!  My survival instinct is to hold on to the past – it’s what’s kept me alive until now – but it’s holding me back.

I’m very good at the words but not  at the actions, which he also pointed out! (True but so irritating to have it pointed out!)

My homework this week was to write down my dream future.  Well as you know, dear reader, I posted that yesterday.  But this morning.  This first day of 2011 I decided I needed a constant reminder of this dream.  I need to focus on it with every fibre of my being, and as it’s here I come every day to tell you all how things are going, what better place to have that reminder than a page dedicated to my future.  So I’ve added another page to this blog and managed to squeeze it on to the title bar.

I will add to it as I have new dreams.  I will update it as I do something about each of the dreams I have listed.

In fact I started yesterday afternoon by printing out my story and giving it to my next door neighbour to read on the understanding he gives me his honest views on whether it has any chance of being published. He knows it is very steamy and graphic.  I know him and his wife well enough to know he may be surprised by what I’ve written but I won’t shock him!  Well I hope not!

This is a massive leap of faith as the only person who has ever read it was Alex (it was his idea in the first place).


So if I am going to make 2011 my year – and I am – I need to FOCUS on doing so.

And to do that I need a future to focus on.  I need more goals.

This needs to become a happy place where people flock to find out what Caroline Did Next!

And as one of my dreams is for everyone to read this blog will you please recommend it to anyone and everyone – but especially those people who are gong through what I am.  I’d like to think my blog could help them.

And what about today?

Well today I continue the sorting out, throwing away and general mayhem which can’t be avoided when moving house!   And apparently according to two of  the other women at last night’s dinner party – I shall find this so cathartic!   So nice of them to let me know how I’m feeling!  And one of them is a psychologist!  She even lectures on the subject!  Good grief is all I can say!  And – what’s more – she’s a divorcee.  Perhaps she did find it cathartic – though I somehow doubt it as she is one of those women I labelled sometime ago as ‘forlorn’.  And we all know I don’t like ‘forlorn’!!

Oh yes – and I can ‘Move On’    –  Hoorah!!  Always cheering to be told that!!   Well I did – I moved on from the dinner party as soon as midnight struck!   If there is a God up there please spare me from women who persist in telling me how I feel and “where I should go”!!!

Doh!  Of course – neither of them said where to!!  And I forgot to ask!  Silly me!!

It’s interesting as men don’t do that.  In fact the husband of one of these enlightened women actually came to my ‘rescue’ with a witty response and a wink and a smile!

I wonder what it is in a woman’s psyche that makes so many of them come out with these bland pronouncements.   But men don’t.

So to all men – well done you!!  And to the women who don’t – well done you too!!

4 thoughts on “Enough is enough! (and more musings)

  1. I think the reason men are less likely to give out advice, is that we have a hard enough time keeping our own house in order.

    Have you ever noticed men are idiots when it comes to personal critiquing, who wants to admit that they have short comings? Something about casting the first stone least ye get nailed in to noggin, or something like that.

    Sorry your evening end in a bit of a fizzle, Hope the New Year finds you with a little more sway in your gait, and that you’ll have em chasing after you like a cat after catnip! Be safe Caroline AJ

  2. I think clearing out stuff is getting me down today! I’ve just been having a detailed email exchange with my LC (Life Coach) – I appear to be having a whinge day today! Not good.
    Actually I’ve spent the afternoon watching Horse Whisperer, Harry Potter and now Independence Day. A great afternoon’s TV! And the clearing up is not progressing as a result!

    And of course I can do it!! I just need a lot of encouragement and masses of goals to keep my focused on my future so I don’t have time to look back.

    So – please – keep the comments and encouragement coming.

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