We all like a happy ending

This crossed my mind just now as I was taking my shower.  I really must get up and get on with this clearing business!  Which clearly I’m not!

I often think about the Chilean Miners and how they are all doing now they’re back at ground level and have the sky above them.  Are they experiencing trauma.  Are they grabbing their lives and new futures and soaring the skies?  I hope so.  But I don’t often think of the families who weren’t so lucky.  The families bereaved by the mining disaster in New Zealand.  Those whose lives have been devastated by what happened.  Is it because a happy ending is so much more interesting, so much easier to accept.  My compassion for those who have lost someone recently is genuine – but I don’t really want to know how they’re coping (which seems incredibly shallow of me).  I am so much more comfortable hearing about those who have been rescued from the brink of disaster and how they are doing now.

So with that in mind this blog has to be more focused on the future.  I may not be on the brink of disaster (though it has felt like it on numerous occasions)  but  I owe to myself and – as I want readers to return here – to those who visit this site to be keep it forward looking.  Otherwise it’s going to be just plain boring!  And you’ll all run away and leave me to ‘get on with it’!

So I need a few (or even many) actions!  Actions speak louder than words as the saying goes!

A Mini Action:

Why is it that Internet Dating seems so ghastly to me!!  I went on a site last night.  Quelle Horreur!  It’s no good, maybe I am looking at the wrong sites, maybe my heart isn’t in it enough.  But – apart from the fact that all the people in my area either looked like serial killers or just plain losers – I  found the whole thing just plain depressing!!  And yet I keep hearing of people who have met the ‘person of their dreams’ on Internet Dating sites.  Maybe they’re not ‘my sort of people’!!!

Anyway I’ve run out of things to say for now.  So I’d better get up and get on with what I’m supposed to be doing!!

2 thoughts on “We all like a happy ending

  1. Love the New look. Yeah internet dating, it sounds kind of like a crap shoot. With everyone putting their best face on so to speak. I think that you just go out and do the things you like to do, that way if you meet someone there, the chances that you have something in common with them are in your favor. Hard to call it a wasted event if it’s something you like to do.
    Take up the gliding thing again, or maybe some bird watching, nice guys dig bird watching. Maybe you can get a telescope and try some astronomy, and on those cloudy nights, have you got any cute neighbors?

    Okay maybe you better scratch that last suggestion. Most of the nice people I know aren’t sitting in lock up. 🙂 Take care dear. AJ

    • The gliding thing is a distinct possibility (once I’ve sorted out my finances), as is the bird watching (which I love). As to astonomy – there used to be a telescope here (Alex’s) – so for now perhaps not an ideal pursuit – but thanks for the ideas!!

      I have a couple of VERY cute neighbours – sadly both happily married – so out-of-bounds! But I live in hope!

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