A pleasant evening out

How nice to get out and do something different.  The camera club is teaching me a great deal about what distinguishes a good photo from a mediocre one.  Now all I have to do is put it into practice!  So a good little project lies ahead.  There’s a competition next week so I may enter some of my India photos – I took enough so should be able to find three!!  Sad if I can’t!!

And for the first time ever I got back home and thought “I shall be very glad when I’ve moved” !!  See  that’s progress.  Positive thoughts!  I’ve had enough of rattling round in this large house. And it isn’t home anymore.  Homes are made by people, not objects or bricks and mortar. And as I’m the only one here now – it’s not home at all!  I feel a bit marooned really.  Everyone else has buggered off  – so the sooner I do the better!!

Only 2 weeks to go and I shall be somewhere cosy!!

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