I’d just like to say…

That I’ve had a pleasant day working from home.  I feel a great deal calmer!  The meditation exercise definitely worked.

I am considering taking Friday off work as – when I look at it all – I still have rather a lot of sorting out to do. I have loads of companies I need to contact about my move so a working day at home seems a good idea.  Also  I still need to establish some sort of order to each room so I at least have some idea of what’s going where.  Or the movers and I are going to be on first name terms and in a deep and meaningful relationship before I move anywhere – if you follow me!!

And I’m not sure I want  a deep and meaningful relationship with the movers!!  I might be feeling a bit desperate but one does have to draw the line somewhere!!

I am now really looking forward to moving to my new temporary home.  I can make it mine and have things as I want and have a new start.  This is going to be so good.  I wish I hadn’t got to wait 2 weeks.

I shall be close to people as I’ll be in the heart of the village.  A nice safe feeling. And I shan’t have to worry constantly whether I’m going to run out of central heating oil as the new place is on gas.  At the moment I’m living in dread of running out of heating before I leave! And it is a bit chilly at the moment.

So it’s good.  And I’m going to have fun.  I may not be clear on what I’m going to do but I am going to have fun!

So I have a feeling of great peace this evening.  And I am focusing on staying this way.  It’s so much less tiring!

And also I don’t need to cross all my bridges at once. Which I think I’ve been trying to do.  I wanted it all sorted now.  And actually doing that is quite restricting as it rather inhibits other options.  Yes I need to take action on some things – but not everything at once.  I don’t need to be quite so manic (well I wasn’t – I was just thinking I had to be).  I don’t want to ‘stay still’ but I can take things a bit more calmly.

And now I’m off to ‘get my hair done’ – perhaps a new look might be fun.

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