today’s update……(updated!)

The truth is still the truth but can be looked at from different angles.

I have been looking at my ‘truth’ from a rather negative perspective.  Which is silly really because focusing on the negatives only gives me more negatives and pain.

So I shall continue looking at my ‘truth’ but now from a positive perspective.  And a positive perspective can only give me more positives and so pleasure.

Hi everyone – I’ve just returned from a good, calming, gentle, at moments very tearful, Life Coaching session.

I have been ‘talking’ to the different versions of me. (and do click on this link – it’s one of my better posts!!!) I’ve given the 15 yr old me a hug.  I have cared for the 15 yr old me.  I’ve cried a great deal over what happened.  But it’s been really good.

And all I am going to concern myself with over the next 10 days is moving house.  Which in itself is enough for anyone to deal with.

The last week has been a grieving process – something I hadn’t allowed to happen until now as – up until a few weeks ago – I’d put my life on hold as I hoped that Alex and I still had a future.  OK I know I kept saying we didn’t but I tell you what – dear reader – we both know I secretly hoped we did!!

So I’ve had a good cry!  I’ve laughed a bit.  I feel a great deal calmer.  A million times calmer than I did on Monday or even Wednesday this week.

And why this joke should pop into my mind just now goodness knows.  But it has – and I have been smiling ever since I thought of it  (and by the way this is not to trivialise what happened to me or anyone else who has been a victim of sexual assault or  abuse – as that is totally not possible to do – I know –  as I know how I feel and the effect it has had on me.  It’s just a way of lightening the burden) :

Question: “What is the difference between rape and seduction?”







Answer:  “Salesmanship”

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