I don’t envy my local charity shops

I’ve just distributed several carrier bags of ‘goodies’ amongst the charity shops in our local town.  Now I used my common sense here.  I gave all the ‘safe’ things like clothes, crockery, cookware and sensible books to one charity shop.

Then I took all the erotic novels and sex books which I found to another.  I rushed in – handed them the carrier bag  and fled…..  before anyone could stop me to fill in a gift-aid form – or anything else for that matter!

I shan’t go back in there for a while.  Not until I am sure they’ve got over the shock!!  I just have this vision of these rather elderly ladies (volunteers always seem to be prim elderly ladies don’t they!!) unpacking the bag!  Most of the books have rather scantily clad girls on the front  – and some are rather more explicit – I think the Joy of Sex makes it fairly clear on the cover what it’s about!!

So there could well be some rather flustered ladies going home tonight…..!!!


One thought on “I don’t envy my local charity shops

  1. Caroline!!! I’d be willing to bet that those books never make it to the shelf, ending up on some prim and proper bookshelf in Downley. Personally I would have hung on to the Joy of Sex, it’s the classic how to guide, with it’s dog eared pages and a well creased spine… some day I’m sure it will come in handy again.
    Take it one page at a time. AJ

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