Message to me…

“Concentrate Caroline – Concentrate on your future.  You can do this.  You know you can.  Keep going. Don’t stop and remember.  Just put the painful stuff in the “To go to store”  pile.  You can deal with it all in a year’s time when it won’t seem so bad.

Come on girl you’ve done really well today.  Keep going kid.  Have a cry then start again.  You’ve nearly cracked it.  There’s not a great deal left to do now.”

OK I appear to be chatting to me!!  And bu**er it  – why should a packet of biscuits from South Africa set me going!  I don’t even like them.  They were Alex’s favourite – mainly because of  the name “Eat sum more” – and when we ever went travelling in Southern Africa we always got packets of them!  So I got caught again by a moment which I didn’t see coming.  I’ve binned them. But wow am I crying!

As I keep saying to myself – I can do this.  I can!  But apparently not without weeping. And weeping over a packet of biscuits is ludicrous!!

Oops – I’ve just re-read that sentence and it does have two meanings !  S0 not literally over them you understand – that would have made them all wet!!

I’ve just made myself giggle!!

Hugs to me!!

One thought on “Message to me…

  1. And biscuits don’t make very effective handkerchiefs, much like hanker-chiefs are a poor substitute for crepes!
    I’m kind of excited for you, as you draw the curtain on “Caroline, my life in a mine shaft.” And draw open the new curtain on “Caroline, primed and ready for life.”
    Yeah I know if only it were that easy, but someday this will seem so far away.
    Take care Caroline and try to keep your biscuits dry. AJ

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