What some people say…

11.45am: I’ve just bumped into someone who didn’t know about THE SPLIT.  She was really sweet but completely stunned and horrified.  Apparently she thought Alex’s and my marriage was  a “perfect match” & “made in heaven”.

Even some mutual male friend of ours said it was so amazing to see two people so in tune with one another and meant for each other!!

Well there you go!  Other people’s view from the outside can be so wrong!!

I am not sure if I needed to know all that or not.  On balance it is lovely to hear.  And actually I don’t mind.  It hasn’t made me feel miserable or sad this morning.  So much nicer to feel we did have a certain ‘something’ rather than everyone saying “Phew – at last you’ve both seen the light”.

Anyway – onward and upward – this is not getting the last room sorted out.

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