Values and their order

I’ve been out for the evening – well for a short time, doing my bit with the local protest group and our fight to save our airfield and green space! My action from the meeting  is to write a one page “How to Blog for Dummies”  as no-one seemed to understand how to post on WordPress – which one person claimed was a terrible piece of software (he likes Blogspot – poor man!).  No one understood categories or tags – or anything much other than commenting!   So I told them I was the blogging ‘queen’ – One of my hobbies is blogging and there’s very little about blogging I didn’t know – which is hyping up my knowledge rather!!!  (I got carried away with the moment – a failing of mine on some levels   – but clearly not all – if you follow me!). Anyway given the level of knowledge of everyone else I reckon I’ll get away with it!!

But for the last hour I’ve been ‘playing’ with my Values cards and putting them in order of importance – all 70 of them. (I wonder if I have too many – it seems a long list to order – but they all seem to matter!)

I’ve now got each one written on a green plastic card (cards courtesy of work which we’ve had for years and didn’t know what to do with!)

They are sitting in columns on my dining table and I keep looking at them and shifting them round. It’s a fascinating way to spend those odd moments when I don’t know what else to do.  And great for avoiding the endless packing and sorting out which is still pursuing me like a run-away train!  I keep looking around me at the mess – I wonder what I’ve been doing these last 10 days or so as I still appear to have masses of ‘stuff’ and it’s all over the place and I can’t believe I’ve got rid of enough.  I really mustn’t panic!!  I’ve also got this feeling I’m moving into a dolls house and I won’t have room for anything. Well I get the keys tomorrow so I’ll soon know!

But to get back to my Values Cards – I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere with getting them in a logical and sensible order – but maybe I am!!

So there you go – Stephen – I can do my homework when asked!!

One thought on “Values and their order

  1. Value cards let me guess:
    1.)Thou shan’t take items from work for thy personal use…. unless they have dust on them.
    2.) Procrastination is a weakness and should be avoided…. unless you can do it while looking busy sorting out your values.
    3.)Making descriptive assumptions…. such as Mules are like Donkeys and a Dessert is just a Desert with an extra S in it.

    Goodness Caroline 70? I’d be afraid of walking out the door in fear a gust of wind could send all my values cartwheeling down the gutter.
    Didn’t Moses do okay with 10? 😉 AJ

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