Sleep – how I wish….

Maybe once I’ve moved I’ll be able to sleep.  As – yet again – here I am in the middle of the night when I should be sound asleep, writing away in an attempt to make myself tired enough to go back to bed and sleep.

Everything seems SO surreal.  Moving.  Divorce.  My future.

OK not as surreal as it used to be but, just now,  it does feel as though I’m caught in some sort of dream that isn’t mine.  I’m in someonelse’s.

Something attacked us – well Alex really.  It’s a bit like a computer virus – it’s attacked Alex and changed him as a person at a profound level.  It’s brought all his insecurities to the front and won’t let him function as he’s supposed to – or as he wants to.

And as for me!  Well I just can’t SLEEP!  And just now I feel I should be enjoying every minute of the time I have left living here – and be awake to do so – which again is SO stupid!

I need to be fit and well this weekend – not dragging myself around over tired.  I wish I had a sleep widget I could click!!

And I have done everything I can:  I’ve used my aromatherapy spray for my pillow, I have been through the meditation exercise,  I have  done the EFT (see things that help page).  I have done some packing (liar Caroline – you’ve looked at the boxes!), and I’ve done some writing!

And now I’d better go back to bed before I get too cold

This is a definite mid night ramble.  Sorry.

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