When you’re feeling sad and blue…..

“When you’re feeling sad and blue
And you don’t know what to do –
Spread a little honey on your bed!”

Well, I’ve decided I’m a “Little Honey” (I hope that translates OK in the US and isn’t crude!)  and I’m looking forward to the day when someone wants to spread me on their bed (providing – of course – I want to be spread!)

And in case you’re wondering- I didn’t make that ditty up! Clearly well below my amazing standard of poetry!!!!!  I wish!

2 thoughts on “When you’re feeling sad and blue…..

  1. Caroline!! you’re walking over the gorge on some mighty fine wire there! Thankfully you didn’t use love or sex in your tags. Heaven knows what might have crawling out from under your bed spread.

    We could dive into this further but … the children, what would the children say! 😉 AJ

    • Sorry everyone – especially the children. I just felt like making myself grin. And I am sure a certain Life Coach said I must look forward and plan my amazing future – so I’m only doing as I’m told!!! xx

      PS Maybe he meant my future in other ways!!

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