The day has dawned…….

Very wet!  So my move – which seems to have taken on Biblical proportions – is going to be conducted in a damp way.  But not  – so far – from me crying!  I am cheerful!

I may well ‘vanish’ for a few days whilst I sort out the broadband at my new home.  I’m hoping not as writing here is very important to me. If necessary I shall sneak round to friends’ houses and write from there – dangerous that though as none of them know I’m doing this!!  And I want to keep it that way.

Anyway I’m ‘here’ for now.  I’m off now to do some packing.  OK I know I’ve paid for packing as part of the deal – but – I feel the movers have no need to become acquainted with my underwear drawer!  Or some other items of a personal nature!

Hopefully I shall be able to write later.

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