The Exodus!

So this is it!  I am now about to leave.

And  – and this is completely ludicrous – I just want to turn the clock back to when it all went wrong and sort it out so we’d be doing this together.  Leaving here is a massive wrench.  Not the leaving the actual house – but leaving on my own – that’s the tough bit.  My emotional state is clearly very fragile this morning.  I need to get my act together or I’ll be weeping over the movers – which is not a good idea!

I just hate all the “Letting Go”  and “Moving On” stuff – but that’s what I’m doing.

Oops!! This post isn’t going too well is it!!  Sorry!  Maybe I had too much to drink last night!  2 pints of lager is clearly too much for someone who has  – by and large – avoided drink for the last 2 years!!!  Good evening though – laughed all the way through it – you can’t do anything else with the couple I went out with last night!  (Note to self:   Caroline you wouldn’t have got to know them so well if Alex hadn’t left you – so don’t be SO stupid!)


So – dear reader – I may be gone for a few days – as I don’t have any faith in BT at all!!  So my ability to connect to the outside world could be somewhat limited.  I shall have to go back to work just to be able to read my emails and write here!!

Speak soon!


2 thoughts on “The Exodus!

  1. I remember well the “exodus” a year after my ex’s sneaky exodus. It was a great relief to get out of there at that point. But the weeks leading up to the move were filled with anger at him for walking out and leaving me with years of “stuff” to deal with. And I mean that both figuratively and literally. Good luck to you as you move on. I know. I’m sick of those terms, too.

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